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Many of our schools are grossly under funded and schools and parent organizations are always looking for ways to finance various programs and activities for our school children… 

In addition to the school programs that David Blonski is presenting, we are also offering a fundraising opportunity for any school or parent organization interested in participating.  David's music label, Timeless Productions has a catalog of  World, Relaxation, Folk, and Ambient Mood Music that is suitable for use in the classroom or home as background music for studying, reading, accelerated learning, art projects, relaxation, stress reduction, and just plain enjoyment. 

The 50/50 Plan
We plan to feature select CDs for sale through participating schools as a fundraiser to help cover the costs of David's presentations or for any other school activity or project of importance to those involved.  Our plan is to give the schools a whole 50% of the proceeds of all sales made by the school or involved school organization.  (Wow! Since we have product cost and operation expenses the School makes more than we do!) The School sells the CDs for $15 each (that's $2.00 off the store retail price).  We will supply master copies of print goods so that you can print out the necessary order and tracking sheets and the students and school organization will conduct a sale on the specially offered CDs.  We will set up a special Web Site for this fund raising event where interested parties can listen to samples of our music to aid in selecting the most appropriate music for their tastes.  All funds are collected by the school or responsible organization and checks should be made out to the same.  After conducting the fundraiser for two weeks the master order sheet and 50% of the sales, plus sales tax and shipping are submitted to Timeless Productions.  We fill your order and either ship or drop off the CDs for you to distribute.  We of course guarantee our CDs against defects and offer free replacement when necessary.  Since the school will have a special web site set up it is possible to be seen by folks from all around the world so we have an additional Web Distribution plan that can additionally help your school with…. 

The 30/30/30 Plan
For any sale that comes from "Your School's" Timeless Web Site… regardless of where it comes from, we will donate 30% of the sale amount from the time that it is set up to 30 days after a appearance at your school by David or a Timeless Fundraising event has been conducted at your School.  When you deliver your orders be sure to include a copy of the Re-order Form with "Your" Timeless Web Site address so that they can see and hear additional titles to select from.  This will allow your school to make money on re-orders from customers who were pleased with their purchases through the school and want to see what else we have to offer.

Student and Classroom Incentive Plan
To encourage student involvement, for any school that is successful in selling 100 CDs, Timeless Productions will award the student with the most sales with a personal walkman style CD player.  For any School that sells 300 CDs we will additionally award the classroom with the most sales with a Compact Stereo System.

To see a sample of a school fundraiser page click on the School Page button

For further information contact our program administrator - Nina Blonski
phone: 530-333-1335
e-mail: nina@timelessproductions.com

5050 Traverse Creek Rd.
Garden Valley, CA 95633