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Track 1 - "THUD"..... Guy Brown .... ..... from the CD "BEESWAX KISS"
Original Track: 4:13
Beeswax Kiss is a recording project that blends the sound of the didgeridoo, an ancient wind instrument of the Australian Aborigines, with modern ambient and dance sounds and is the brainchild of Guy J. Brown, a musician based in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

For this track Guy Brown played a didge called Gondwana, made in the UK from mountain ash, by splitting a branch, carving out the inside and gluing the two pieces back together and then painted to match a didgeridoo seen on a Gondwanaland album cover, hence the name.

Guy's music has been used in a number of films and has been licensed for use in multimedia presentations. If you'd like to enquire about commerical use of the music, please drop Guy a line by email. For more information about Beeswax kiss and audio samples of other tracks from the Beeswax Kiss CD visit.... http://www.beeswaxkiss.com ... this is one awesome CD!

Guy is also a Photographer and you can visit his site at.... www.guyjbrown.com

* My appologies to Guy as I confused his name with another didge player Geoff Brown and endend up writing his name wrong on the printed CD credits. Boy am I embarrassed!

Track 2 - "RESTLESS SKY"..... BushGiants, Ianto Thurber.... .... from the CD "NEWLANDING"
Original track 5:41 - In a unique fusion of acoustic and electronic music BushGiants combines a fresh and innovative approach to the didjeridu with the latest in digital productions techniques... simply incredible.

The BushGiants are:
Ianto Thornber - BOAB Didjeridus, voice, keyboards

Anita Hurst - Keyboards, voice, programming
Simon Sanders - Percussion, programming

Of this track, Ianto says "My trip to Australia in '87 left me with many strong impressions, three of which are expressed in this track: the hugeness of the sky compared to the English sky I'm used to; the excitement over the approaching bi-centennial celebrations; and the amount of time it might take for the colonist and colonised populations to understand, and harmonise with, each other. I hope some of this comes across in the music."

Ianto Thornber returned to England from Australia in 1988 after an 8 month trip and began to develop his first range of manufactured didjeridus, called BOAB didjeridus, after the famous Australian tree. He teamed up with Simon Sanders and Anita Hirst to form 'BushGiants' - a fusion band which used many techniques unique in their day, such as double layering didjeridu tracks, and playing not just one, but two interlocking rhythms on didj, and supporting them with programmed dance beats. The album, a mixture of dance music and 'new age' tracks, was strongly influenced by his trip, and was released in the UK and Australia. It is still available from www.knockonwood.co.uk the music shop where Ianto works.

Track 3 - "DIGE JAM"..... Gary Cannell .... ..... From the CD "SOUNDS OF THE OUTBACK"

Original track 3:59
This one is for didjeridoo lovers.... jam along if you can.

Recorded at Real Feel Studios in Centreal Coast NSW Australia by:
Gary Cannell - Didjeridoo
Peter Chappell - Drums/Percussion
Chris Cockburn - Keyboard/Orchestrations

"Sounds of the Outback" is performed live at Australia's Northern Territory & Outback Centre, Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia.... www.outbackcentre.com.au

Track 4 - "YIN YANG"..... Dave Crowder .... ..... from the CD "ANIMAL DREAMS"

DAVE CROWDER - Ben Hicks Split Maple "F" Didjeridu
Eric Walker & Ron Holmes - Ghanian Hand Drums
Dave has always been a human noise maker. The CD only contains a few of these noises specific to animals. He began playing didjeridu in 1995 and quickly learned from everyone he could run into during his summer breaks. Finding the largest concentration of players in Portland and San Francisco, he set out on a didjeridu pilgrimage up the American West coast. This trip has now become tradition, and Dave hasn't missed at least the Oregon section since '96. He is a guest musician on 10 or more CDs, but this is the first one that features Dave on every song! For a more comprehensive bio see... Dave's Didjeridu Page

Track 5 - "WINDBLOWN - A GAGGLE OF JIGS" .... John Davis ....

Original Track 3:19
A Gaggle of Jigs, performed by John Davis

The Gaggle of Jigs being 'The Hatter from Nenagh', 'Black Donald the Piper' and the 'Humors of Glendart' respectively. All are anonymous Irish bagpipe tunes, the sound of which I have sought to imitate through the use of crumhorn and didjeridu, mainly because I cannot play the bagpipes. Trained as a classical musician, I discovered first folk music, then the didjeridu, and since then have been seeking ways of combining the two.... John Davis

This track features three traditional folk jigs arranged for crumhorn, didj and bodhran and is typical of the way the didj is used in John Davis's folk group. Song arrangement and all instruments played by John Davis .

Track 6 - "KIRRA'S RUN"..... Rick Dusek, Daniel Hamilton .....
This song is composed for Rick Dusek's beloved Australian cattle dog, Kirra, who died too soon but her spirit will live on in this little piece of music. For us it brings back wonderful memories of Kirra happily running in the fields with her master. To say that Kirra and Rick were very close would be an understatement. To hear about their last year together Click Here for Kirra's Story

Rick Dusek - Eucalyptus didgeridoo in the key of "D" made by Kevin Pierce
Daniel Hamilton - Two Towers Native American Flute in "G" and percussion tracks.

Track 7 - "BAREBACK"..... Dominic Gaudious .... .... From the CD "THE CLEARING"
Created after an extremely vivid dream about riding a horse

Dominic Gaudious - Guitar
Ian Hesford - Didjeridoo

Dynamic, intense and passionate are just some of the words used to describe the innovative work of instrumental guitarist and composer, Dominic Gaudious. After successfully releasing two albums and touring with an eclectic rock band in the 1980's, Dominic found his passion in the contemplative world of Classical/World Beat music. Working mainly with six & twelve-string acoustic guitars and incorporating exotic instruments such as the Australian Didjeridu, Dominic expanded on the theme and created a uniquely intricate playing style which blends the sounds of Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Folk, and World Beat.

To find out more about Dominic and his many recordings visit www.dominicgaudius.com

Track 8 - "THUNDER"..... Andy Graham .... .... from the CD "PRIMAL ELEMENTS"

Original Track 3:56
Andy Graham - didgeridoo, drumkit, djembe, ashiko, shakers

Primal Elements is Andy's all-instrumental CD fusing the powerful, ancient sound of the didgeridoo with the African Djembe drum and contemporary drum kit grooves. The 11 tracks range from THUNDER (driving & high-energy) to SOLITUDE (22 minute meditation of haunting didgeridoo sub-harmonics). This CD features didgeridoo, djembe, ashiko, drum kit, double chimes, shakers, claves, jaw harp, breath, and a even a circular saw blade!

There are many drummers out there as well as didgeridoo players. But not many who makes music by playing both instruments simultaneously. This is Andy Graham and his 'Primal One-Man Band': a completely unique musical act that evolved from a casual experiment into a successful musical act. A kit drummer first and foremost, Andy Graham has played drums for various rock and funk bands since 1985. Drummers such as Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, Phil Gould, and Ian Mosely inspired his drumming style. Influenced by Mickey Hart's Planet Drum in 1991, Andy developed a passion for African hand percussion. In 1994, Andy was introduced to the Aboriginal didgeridoo. Discovering the powerful sound of this unique ancient instrument, he used it in performance when the music did not require drums. Andy soon realized that it was a little too awkward to switch between instruments from behind the drum kit during a live performance. To remedy this, he built a special stand to hold a didgeridoo at face level, allowing him to play it without getting up from the drums. This new didgeridoo drumkit allowed Andy to experiment with the idea of playing both instruments simultaneously. He spent several weeks working through the frustration of adding yet another component to the already busy art of kit drumming. It was like adding a fifth limb to his body. Upon successfully fusing the two very different playing styles, he found that this new sound had a life all its own. Excited with this new emphasis on world music, Andy added his other passion, African drums, to his setup, along with a new, improved rack that holds 3 didgeridoos, and such additions as cowbells, wood blocks, and a circular saw blade.


Email: info@andygraham.net

Track 9 - "US CLAY"..... Barry Hall .... .... from the CD "Didgeridoo USA"
This Track has been shortened from the original

The Burnt Earth Ensemble is a musical ensemble formed with the purpose of exploring the myriad of sounds produced by ceramic instruments. The idea for the ensemble was conceived and developed by Barry Hall, the group's founder and the creator and builder of the instruments.

Burnt Earth's collection of ceramic musical instruments ranges from the ordinary to the exotic, and includes many varieties of percussion instruments, flutes, didjeridus, globular horns, trumpets, chimes, and even string instruments. Barry delights in exploring new ideas for musical acoustics, and combining existing systems into new "hybrid" instruments. His didjibodhran, for example, is a combination of the Australian didjeridu, a wind instrument, and the Irish bodhran, a frame drum. Another hybrid, the stone fiddle, is a combination fiddle, flute and drum.

Joining Barry in the ensemble are Richard Smith, Beth Hall, and Geoff Brown. The members of Burnt Earth have been making ceramic music together for several years. Their musical backgrounds range from classical to jazz to rock, and they have performed as members of other musical groups throughout the Americas and Europe.

The Burnt Earth ensemble will release its first full-length CD in 2003.

Visit www.ninestones.com to view Barry's handmade instruments or check out his other recordings. You can contact Barry at.... burntearth@ninestones.com

Track 10 - "E-FUNK"..... Ian Hesford ....

Track 11 - "GET TO IT"..... Ben Hicks ....

Ben Hicks plays: A Hicks Sticks agave didgeridoo, Djembe, goat claw and egg shakers, and clapsticks.
Get To It was recorded at his home, and got it's name due to the short time Ben had to record the track and send it in for DP03. Though this track is contemporary in style, Ben's current playing interest is in merging Aboriginal playing styles into his own. This is his first didgeridoo recording, and he hopes to "Get to it" again soon to eventually produce his own CD.

Ben is a woodworker, teacher and musician who lives in the Colorado Rockies. Ben's passion for the didgeridoo have dovetailed well with his woodworking skills . He has been making didges for the last several years using hardwoods, aspen, agave and yucca. Another of his didges is played by Dave Crowder on the track "Yin-Yang" on this CD.

Ben sells his didgeridoos via his web site www.HicksSticks.com , and can be contacted at Ben@HicksSticks.com

Track 12 - "HOLFUF".... Joel Hinkle ....

Original Tack 7:08

Track 13 - "HITCHHIKER FLIES"..... Daryn Jaya .... ..... from the CD "DIDG ETAL"

Original Track 7:35
In the hot sun, flies and dust, standing on the black snake. I watch strange metallic creatures fly by. I hold up my hand and one stops. I ask the pilot where he is going. "Cite...", "Let's go brother". We glide towards the hive of lights. The helter skelter of Babylon begins.

Daryn Jaya - didge, drums, sticks, vocals
Tone Wandaller - electronics & bass

Track 14 - "MONSTER".... Tomasz Jurecki ....

Track 15 - "TRIBE".... Land of the Blind, Krystov .... .... from the CD "ORDINARY MAGIC"

Original Track: 4:56

To Learn more about
Land of the Blind go to... http://www.landoftheblind.com

Track 16 - "BORDERTOWN".... Andrew Langford .... .... from the CD "SOUNDS OF STARLIGHT"
recorded live at the Sounds of Starlight Theatre in Alice Springs.

Track length: 1:50 - Somewhere between Coober Pedy and Tennant Creek you will find a Bordertown.
Andrew Langford - Didgeridoo
Peter Chappell - Percussion
Dan O'Moore - Keyboards

Andrew Langford in concert at the Sounds of Starlight Theatre presents a musical and visual journey throught the ancient landforms, history, light and space of Australia's heartland. The production is enriched with photographic images and special effects. Andrew's mastery of the didgeridoo, his unique style and contemporary playing of outstanding rhythms have established him as one of the worlds foremost didgeridoo players.

From Emily Gap, site of the Arrente tribe's Caterpillar Dreaming, to the Howling Wilderness where Australia's last camel expedition met disaster; from noisy outback mining towns to quiet camps ideal for star gazing, Andrew Langford's world-famous didgeridoo show takes spectators on a sound excursion through the unearthly red landscapes of the desert interior. Didgeridoo, drums and keyboards beat out the eternal rhythm of the bush while the typography is also captured in stunning slide images by the renowned central Australian photographer, Mike Gillam.

Andrew has recorded four albums: 'Echoes in the Dust' (with Ted Egan), 'Jedidge', 'Didgeridoo Tracks' and 'The Sounds of Starlight Theatre'.

Check out Andrew's Sounds of Starlight Theatre Web site at... www.soundsofstarlight.com
contact Andrew at... andrew@soundsofstarlight.com

Track 17 - "ADRONALIN"..... Keith Leaman ....

Track 18 - "THE RED STUFF"..... Tim Lee ....

Track 19 - "PASOS DE GIGANTES"..... John Madill ....

Track 20 - "THE SCANDANAVIAN SET"...The Bringers, Byron Miller ....
Byron Miller on didge, Michi Regier on violin, Vash on Bodhran

This is the story of three musicians who, by the grace of the Fates, banded together in order to satisfy the demands of the landlord, the tax collector, and the McDonald's drive-through window. For these are the three things that rambling musicians such as The Bringers must satisfy on a monthly basis. It was decided that the Fiddler, the Drummer, and the Didgeridu-er (say that three times fast!) would travel the globe in search of an audience.
With Michi Regier on fiddle, Vash on the drums, and Byron Miller on the didge, the Bringers combine over 20 years experience as acoustic musicians. Five years ago, the Bringers decided to combine their talents, performing at Renaissance Fairs, corporate functions, and numerous cultural festivals throughout the country.

The Bringers take you back to the times of the traveling minstrels where the rule of the day was merriment at all costs! Their style has been called "Aussie-Celt", blending the sounds of Eastern and Western European folk traditions with the uniqueness of Australian rhythm and melody. They are definitely a band without borders!

Byron Miller, 27, was born in Berlin, Germany, but most of his growing up was near Annapolis, Maryland. Before he picked up the Australian Didgereedoo three years ago, Byron started with the trumpet in 3rd grade and played that through the middle of high school. He switched over to the French horn and stayed with that through college. (Online, Byron goes by the name 'Mandrake' which explains why he is mistakenly listed as Byron Mandrake on the CD liner notes... yet another typo to appologize for.)

Byron always considered himself somewhat of an anachronist, so the Ren Fair scene was pretty easy for him to get involved in. He often felt that explaining the presence of the Australian didgereedo (which is reportedly 40,000 years old and probably the oldest wind instrument in the world) was difficult to do in an in Renaissance European environment. So necessity invented his travelling character and thus, "Dingo" was born. Byron has a unique ability for turning the ancient didge into a unique instrument that blends well with the trio's performing style.

Track 21 - "DARK MOON"..... Tommy Michael ....

Track 22 - "ECHOES"..... Samuel Mourot ....

Track 23 - "FLIGHT OF THE HAWKS"..... Pangaea with David Blonski...


Original Track 3:15 - Whether soaring effortlessly on outstretched wings, diving for a meal, or flapping powerfully against the wind, the hawks show us how to dance in the air.

David Blonski - Agave didge by David Blonski and vocal wind
Peter Fairley - Balafon (African Marimba)
Steve Michaelis - Atumpani, talking drum
Rieko Shimbo - Djembe and Dumbeck
Holly Johnson - Shakere, cymbals, shaker, chimes


Pangaea is a five member World Fusion Ensemble featuring the percussion and wind instruments of the indigenous cultures of our world. As many as 100 unique instruments can be on stage for one of our performances.  We present a joyful and rhythmic celebration of the world’s diverse cultural heritage that soulfully embraces the nurturing spirit of Mother Earth.

Pangaea: The single continental land mass that existed more than 200 million years ago before today’s existing continents separated and drifted apart.

DAVID BLONSKI: Multi-Instrumentalist, Didge Player and Producer of Didgeridoo Planet 2 & 3. Owner of Timeless Productions, an indepentent music label that specializes in environmental, new age and world music and maker of American made didjeridoos. To learn more about David, his music and instrumenst visit... www.timelessproductions.com

To contact David email blonski@timelessproductions.com

Track 24 - "FUNK IN THE TRUNK"..... John Pascuzzi ....

Funk in the Trunk was recorded using a low B eucalyptus didge of unknown origin. This didge was chosen, because out of all the didgeridoo's in John's collection, it was the hardest one to play rhythmically, so it was more of a challenge. Halfway through the recording, the old 4-track recorder took its last breath, so in time crunch, John tried his hand at recording directly to hard disk on a PC for the first time. What started out as a slow tribal rhythm recording on the old recorder, turned into a 100% completely different tune. The entire song was recorded directly to hard disk on a 500 MHz PC. Two drum tracks were programmed, merged and looped, along with the keyboard lines. Bass, didgeridoo, clapsticks, and
shakers were then added. The "yeah!" that is heard during the breaks is a
snippet from an answering machine message from an unknown caller.

John is a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for odd, unique and experimental musical instruments. His website, www.oddmusic.com, is the premiere site on the Internet for showcasing experimental instruments, containing a virtual gallery of over 100 odd instruments along with sound bytes, musical resources, in-depth sections showcasing artists and instruments, and more. Companion to the website is the Oddmusic internet discussion group, with over 500 members from around the world, who discuss the latest in experimental music and instruments.

You can contact John at.. oddinfo@oddmusic.com

Track 25 - "DIDGE MADNESS"..... Martin Schiff .... ... From the CD "STARBIRTH"

Original Track: 2:54

The Starbith CD is an eclectic mix of world music, progressive rock, dance, and jazz. Features the didgeridoo, flute, acoustic and electric guitars synthesizers and more. Visit Martin's Web site to learn more at http://www.starbirthmusic.com

You can contact Martin at mschiff@cdsol.com

Track 26 - "AU NORD DU NORD"..... Mathieu Simard, Pierre Chartier ....

Track 27 - "BARAKA"..... Alan Tower, Calvin Lai (Alan Tower & Free Energy) ....

Alan Tower - Eb Djalu/Howell Didjeridu
Calvin Lai - Eb Djalu/Howell Didjeridoo
Baraka is an ancient Sufi word meaning the essence from which the evloutionary process unfolds... the breath of life. The piece is in 11/8 timing... the 11 is based on a combined 5 and 6 beat rhythm while the B section is in 8.

Alan is the founder of Octave Alliance and leader of Free Energy doing a great deal of work for non-profit organizations. www.ocatavealliance.org .... you can reach Alan at musicmatters@octavealliance.org .

By visiting the Ocatve Alliance site you can also check out other CD recordings by Alan Tower & Free Energy
The Eternal Presence,... 10,000 Thunder Storms,... Waves,... Quintessence

Track 28 - "REBOOT"..... Peter Van Gorder ....

Track 29 - "HARDEDIDJE"..... Anton Woldhek ....

Track 30 - "ROCK HILL"..... Thomas Workman ....

Thomas Workman plays: Didjeridu, Conch Shells, Udu drums, Shekere, clapsticks, and Vietnamese Percussion.

Recorded at No Parking Studio, Rosenbdale, NY and mastered at Make Believe Ballroom, Shokan, NY

Track 31 - "BC BOOGIE"..... Walt Young .... .... from the CD "Working My Way Back Home"
Original track 5:16 - All instruments played by Walt Young - didge, guitar, percussion

BC Boogie was named for Peter Brady's didge sound grading system
A good playing didge might be rated BC 8 or BC 9 etc (Peter Brady of Northern Australia
was known for exporting quality didgeridoos for several years)

BC stands for Butt Crack. Peters son Ben and friends came up with it as whilst Peter would demo a didge on the phone he would swing and sway as he played and sometimes his loose shorts would drop hence showing more BC. He finally asked the teenage boys what they were laughing at and talking about one day and they told him. They could tell how good a didge it was by how much BC showed as Peter would demo it over the phone. So the BC number system became the rating system Peter used on the web. Peter Brady supplied us here with many BC 8s and BC9s. We are all still looking for the perfect 10. Thanks Peter for the great didges and inspiration.

"Walt Young does what no one else does in his own particular raucous style. Playing the didgeridoo (really playing it) is no small accomplishment. Playing didge and guitar at the same time however is phenomenal. Now add some foot percussions and squeeze some vocals in somehow and Viola! Primordial Boogie!!

Visit Walt's website at.... http://www.geocities.com/waltsnuz/

Exerpts of the lyrics from "Didgeridoo and Guitar Blues" also from "Working My Way Back Home"....
not the whole story but you'll get the drift.

----------- <snip> -----------
Well, I got me a didgeridoo a few years ago, and learned how to play in just a day or so.
I added some guitar to my hollow wood and I was knocking them out like Bon Jovi and Jonny B. Good.
Playing at parties and coffe houses, Joshua Tree for free. Yeah...

Well I'd practice all day and sometimes all night, and my girlfreinds attitue was getting uptight.
She didn't understand this didgeridoo, she said grow up Walt, you got nothing better to do?
She liked the Beatles, disco music, Michael Bolton.... Blah...
---------- <snip> -------------
Well, I took my guitar and diges and all, and I bid farewell to my girlfriend and all.
Put my didges and guitar in my car and it wasn't very long, I was becoming a star.
Playing coffee houses for free, living on fast food, cappuccino and carrot cake.
Yeah... having a good time.
--------- <snip> ---------------
I'm not going to give up my didgeridoo. I'm not going to give up my guitar.
Bye bye, see ya, bye bye, so long...
I'm just working my way back home.... copyright Walt Young 2001

You can Email Walt at w_young@earthlink.net